John Dyson


Originally from Yorkshire, England, John is currently looking to form or join a band. John is looking for some long-term collaborators with similar interests.

John has for the past year working on tone, and learning to play tunes off by heart without music. John plays a Yanagisawa alto, with a Ken Okutsu Mouthpiece a Winslow or SAXXAS Ligature and D’Addario reeds.

John plays mostly Standards and Jazz Standards. John has learned a few tunes by Marion Brown and Abdullah Ibrahim. John has also written a few tunes. You can download John's "The Polar Bear" and "Election Blues" using the links.

A few years back John had two or three lessons with alto saxophonist Jimmy Lyons, and more recently John has been taking lessons with Matt Marantz and Max Bessesen. John also plays in the monday night rehersal band at the New York Jazz Academy.


John was born in Yorkshire, England. His dad was a clerk at a coal mine and his mother a housewife, His dad mostly listened to classical music on the radio. But his dad did let John stay up late Sunday night’s and listen to a jazz radio program that was hosted by Humphrey Lyttleton. Lyttleton himself, was a trumpet player and on the radio, he played music by Armstrong, Ellington, Basie, and Coleman Hawkins.

In College John mostly listened to British Rock Bands but he also he heard more Jazz on record. Including Mingus, Dolphy, and Ornette Coleman.

in 1979 John moved to New York where he saw a lot of music in person. In clubs John saw alto saxophonists Marion Brown, Julius Hemphill, and Arthur Blythe. in a local bar John saw Amina Myers, Jackie Byard and Dakota Staton.

John currently lives in Lefferts Manor, Brooklyn, New York.


6/18/2023 – 8pm
Silvana 300 W 116th Street
NYCJA jazz ensemble

Daniel Bennett – Alto Saxophone (Leader)
Mark Mishken – Bass
Phillip Lee – Alto Saxophone
Michael Lora – Drums
Bruno Regaldo – Piano
John Dyson - Alto Saxophone


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